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Important Information about COVID - 19

Our telehealth consent form is located at this link

Update - June 29, 2020

McManus Counseling is open for virtual appointments at this time. We are working to safely open our office on a limited basis for in-person appointments. Office appointments are extremely limited at this time and we appreciate your understanding as we try to safely continue to serve our clients while protecting everyone.

Additionally, McManus Counseling is proud to announce that three new counselors have joined our practice. Please visit the "About Us" page for more information.

If you wish to schedule an appointment, please contact the office at (508) 450-2296.

Update - March 30, 2020


A note from Michael…


It has been a strange few weeks.  I am NOT an early adapter, but I am a rule follower. I hate making people wait, while I can tolerate pretty high levels of discomfort myself. I care very much about my work and the people I work with.  I do not want to leave my family or expose them to anything that might make them sick or worse. I see other types of healthcare workers putting themselves at risk constantly.  I feel a tremendous responsibility to be a good community member. I want to use accurate information to make my decisions moving forward.  This is hard. 


So, after many conversations and some thought, I have created a plan that I am hopeful will meet the needs of as many of the folks that I work with as possible. 


As a therapist I do not fix people, solve their problems, tell them what to do, etc.  I am a facilitator.  I assist people as they work to figure out what they need, and I help them on their way to that goal.  As has always been the case, I do this work with a huge sense of responsibility and frankly, caring.  This work is only successful when it is done on the individual or individual family level. This is how McManus Counseling will continue to work during this quarantine. 

McManus Counseling is offering the following options for individual psychotherapy. 

  • Waiting – you might not want to make an appointment right now.  That is okay with us.  We will keep you as an active client and work hard to rebook you as quickly as possible down the road.

  • Telehealth - Most insurance companies have suspended their regulations regarding telehealth.  This might be a good solution for some clients.  There are clients for whom this might feel like a good fit and others for whom it will not. This is not an ongoing service we typically offer and may change in the future. Using telehealth now does not mean this format or platform will always be available; you might have to transition back to meeting in-person at some point. (Please click here to download the telehealth consent form.)

  • In-person – Based on a variety of factors we will be able to offer a very limited number of in-person in-office visits. This will be at my discretion and based on the safety of everyone at McManus Counseling and their families.

  • Other – This is not an “anything goes” bullet, but I do value creativity.  If you have a suggestion for your provider, let us know. 


Beginning this week, we will be reaching out to our active clients to discuss possibilities.  Please feel free to contact the office prior if you prefer.  


In health and happiness...

Update - March 19, 2020

McManus Counseling has made the difficult decision to close the office at the end of this week. We did not arrive at this decision lightly and believe that it is the right choice currently. We will monitor the situation carefully and will share updates as soon as possible.


Our staff and providers will monitor messages during this time. Please understand that response times may be delayed during this time. If you have a mental health emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room.

Update - March 16, 2020

McManus Counseling cares about you and your family's health during the spread of COVID-19. When it comes to mental health, it is always best to consider each individual situation on its own. That is how McManus Counseling will be handling all appointments this week (3/16-3/20/2020). If you have not already spoken to your provider, feel free to give the office a call. In the meantime, please continue to take excellent care of yourself and those around you.

Here is another resource that may be useful during this time.

Any updates to our schedule will be posted to and

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